Frequently Asked Questions



When are you available?

 I am available for weekday appointments between 8am-9pm, with some flexibility. Do get in touch to find out more, as this will vary depending on my current availability, and the platform we are meeting on.


How long is a session?

A session lasts for 50 minutes. The sessions take place Online at the same time and day each week unless arranged otherwise.

How many sessions will I need? 

This all depends on the issues or concerns you wish to work on. I work on an open- ended basis, taking regular reviews together as the work unfolds. However, if you would prefer to work in a short term way (e.g 8 sessions) we can arrange that together in the consultation. 

How much do you charge?


Online Video - £65

Telephone - £60

Email - £55

Instant Messenger - £55

All online & telephone/email counselling must be paid for in advance by Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment must be received 72 hours in advance of your session to secure your space.

Can I talk to you before we make an appointment? 

It can be useful to have a phone call to discuss any practical concerns you may have about therapy. A phone call will be kept to around 10-15 minutes, so that we can discuss your main issues in session to give them proper attention. You are welcome to email me to arrange a time to call you.


How will I know I have found the right therapist for me? 

It is important to feel a rapport with your therapist. In the initial consultation I will ask you some questions about yourself; your past and present situation, and your reasons for coming to therapy at this time of your life as a way to discover if we feel we can work together. It will also be the opportunity for you to ask me questions to discover whether you feel I can help you work through your issues and concerns.


  • Online Video - £65


  •  Telephone - £60


  • Email - £55

  • Instant Messenger - £55

  • I am a registered therapist with AXA PPP Healthcare, Viva, Aetna and Vitality groups (Private Insurance costs may differ).

Therapeutic Growth

*Recognised and covered by the following Insurers* 

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