Therapeutic Growth
Session Fee's

  • Online Video - £60-65

  • Telephone - £60

  • Email - £55

  • Instant Messenger - £55

*I am a registered therapist with AXA PPP Healthcare, Viva, Aetna and Vitality groups (Private Insurance costs may differ)*

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you available?

 I am available for weekday appointments between 8am-9pm, with some flexibility. Do get in touch to find out more, as this will vary depending on my current availability, and the platform we are meeting on.


How long is a session?

A session lasts for 50 minutes. The sessions take place Online at the same time and day each week unless arranged otherwise.

How many sessions will I need? 

Counselling is a process and works over a period of time. So how many sessions you need is dependant on what is bringing you to therapy and what you wish to work on. I work on an open- ended basis, taking regular reviews together as the work unfolds. However, if you would prefer to work in a short term way (e.g 8 sessions) we can arrange that together in the consultation. 

How much do you charge?


Online Video - £60-65

Telephone - £60

Email - £55

Instant Messenger - £55

All online & telephone/email counselling must be paid for in advance by Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment must be received 72 hours in advance of your session to secure your space.

Can I talk to you before we make an appointment? 

It can be useful to have a phone call to discuss any practical concerns you may have about therapy. A phone call will be kept to around 10-15 minutes, so that we can discuss your main issues in session to give them proper attention. You are welcome to email me to arrange a time to call you.


How will I know I have found the right therapist for me? 

It is important to feel a rapport with your therapist. In the initial consultation I will ask you some questions about yourself; your past and present situation, and your reasons for coming to therapy at this time of your life as a way to discover if we feel we can work together. It will also be the opportunity for you to ask me questions to discover whether you feel I can help you work through your issues and concerns.

Is it confidential?

Everything is confidential between us and I take confidentiality very seriously. There are only certain things that I have a duty to disclose to the relevant authorities such as if you disclose you are about to harm yourself or others, current childhood abuse whether you are directly or indirectly involved, and if you disclose you are involved in any act of terrorism. 
However I would not want any of my clients to hold back on talking about self harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings, etc and I would at first discuss any concerns for your safety with you. It is important to me that you can have a safe space to explore these things if needed, where you can be assured I will hold confidentiality but also hold my duty of care to you and others as well. 

I am required to have regular supervision, this ensures I work professionally, adequately and safely. Anything discussed with my supervisor will remain anonymous at all times. 

*Recognised and covered by the following Insurers* 

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